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Experience the peace of mind that comes with over four decades of expertise in keeping California homes safe and rodent-free.

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Rodent Control in Southern California

California's diverse climates and environments make it a naturally inviting habitat for rodents, including rats and mice. These unwelcome guests seek refuge in our homes for shelter, water, and food, creating a need for vigilant and effective rodent control measures. 

Our approach to rodent control in California is thorough, ensuring that your home is protected against these unwelcome guests:

  • Rodent Inspection: We start with a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify the extent of the infestation and potential entry points.
  • Treatment Plans: Based on our findings, we craft a treatment strategy that may include plugging and filling small holes and setting strategic traps. Pricing starts at $395. 
  • Multiple Visits for Maximum Effectiveness: Rodent treatment typically requires 2-3 visits to ensure the complete removal of rats and mice from your property.

Preventative Strategies and Repairs: Beyond just removal, we focus on ongoing prevention and will quote any necessary repairs upon inspection.

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Signs of Rodents In Your Home

Discovering signs of rodents in your home can be unsettling, signaling the need for immediate action to safeguard your health and property. These agile intruders are not just a nuisance but can also pose significant health risks and cause damage to your home. Recognizing the early signs of rodent activity is crucial for timely intervention and prevention.

Signs of rodents in your home include: 

  • Droppings Near Food Areas: Finding small, dark droppings, especially near food storage areas, under sinks, or along baseboards, is a clear sign of rodent presence.
  • Gnaw Marks: Visible gnaw marks on furniture, wires, food packaging, and even structural elements indicate active rodents.
  • Noises in Walls or Attics: Scratching, scurrying, or gnawing sounds coming from within walls, ceilings, or attics, especially at night, suggest rodents are moving around.
  • Nests in Secluded Areas: Discovering nests made of shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter in hidden areas like closets or behind appliances points to a rodent infestation.
  • Foul Odors: An unexplained, persistent musty or ammonia-like smell, particularly in areas of low traffic, can indicate the presence of a rodent nest or urine trails.
  • Footprints and Tail Marks: In dusty environments, faint footprints or tail marks on surfaces can reveal rodent pathways.
  • Rub Marks: Greasy marks along walls or baseboards are caused by rodents' oily fur and indicate their regular travel paths.

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Recognizing these signs early can prevent a small rodent problem from becoming a full-blown infestation.

Get Back Your Peace of Mind 

Discover the peace of mind that comes with our rodent control service. Let us take the lead in protecting your home from rodents, leveraging our extensive experience and specialized knowledge to deliver results you can trust. We also offer tailored commercial rodent control services, ensuring your business remains safe and sanitary. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a rodent-free environment

Gopher Control in Southern California

Gophers and moles can quickly become problematic on your property, and it is vital to deal with these pests promptly to prevent damage. When you schedule our gopher and mole removal services, here's what you can expect:

  • Initial Inspection: After you book an appointment, our experts will thoroughly inspect your property to identify all active gopher or mole burrows.
  • Treatment Application: We employ effective and safe pesticides to plug and fill the holes, ensuring that the pests are eradicated.
  • Multiple Visits: The standard treatment plan includes up to three visits, allowing us to monitor the situation and apply additional treatments if necessary.
  • Repair Assessments: If damage repair is needed, we will assess the extent during the initial visit and provide a detailed price quote for any necessary work.
  • Scheduling and Timing: We schedule a specific two-hour window for our technician's arrival. Each treatment session is designed to be efficient, lasting between 45 to 60 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Our goal is to provide you with a prompt, effective solution to your gopher or mole problem, ensuring your property is safe and pest-free.

Pricing For Gopher and Mole Control

Understanding the costs associated with our gopher and mole control services is essential for planning and peace of mind. Below, we provide a clear breakdown of our pricing structure to ensure transparency and help you make informed decisions.

  • Pricing: The cost for treatment is $395 starting price.
  • Treatment: This includes plugging and adding pesticide pellets into gopher and mole mounds. Treatment includes 2-3 visits. If repairs are necessary, price will be quoted upon inspection. 
  • Timeline: We schedule a two-hour window for the arrival of the technician. The treatment itself takes 45-60 minutes to service your property.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services 

Battling pests in your business isn't just about comfort; it's a necessity for safety and health. Our commercial pest control services deliver unparalleled expertise and peace of mind, ensuring your premises remain pest-free.

Our commercial services include:

  • Homeowners Associations - We are a proud member of the Orange County Community Association Institute and have been treating entire neighborhoods for any problems with pest and termite control.
  • Golf Courses - We have extensive experience treating entire golf courses with treatments of gophers at such places like Lake Arrowhead Country Club and Talega Golf Club.
  • Individual Businesses - We not only provide home protection, we’ll secure your business as well. We’ve effectively cleared offices of rodent, pest, termite, and repair problems. We’ve provided fumigation for entire commercial buildings and offices.
  • New Construction Sites - When planning a new construction site, think of us. We’ve been offering preventative termite and other types of treatments to new construction sites for various clients.
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Areas We Service in Southern California

We proudly offer our expert pest control services throughout Southern California, catering to a wide variety of neighborhoods across the region. Check to see if we service your area: 

Dana Point
Foothill Ranch
Huntington Beach
Laguna Beach
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
San Juan Capistrano
And More!
5 Star Review

They said originally they couldn’t make it out for 3 days. I told them that wouldn’t work as I had a house fly infestation. The owner, Andrew, was at my door within an hour to fix the problem personally!! Now THAT’S SERVICE!

Highly recommend!

Chuck Field
Main Office
5 Star Review

I am very pleased with the termite service that is being provided by Josh. Previously we had a service contract with another termite exterminating firm. Josh made a thorough inspection of our home and offered a service program that I believe is superior to the service provided by the other firm.

Our attic was sprayed with timbor as a preventative measure against drywood termites and areas of the exterior ground were sprayed as a preventative measure against subterranean termites.

Evan Gost
Main Office
5 Star Review

Have gone thru numerous Pest Control companies, but have stayed with these guys for quite a few years now. Only Pest Control company I recommend!

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