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Coughing Man - Bug Squad and POW! Exterminating
11 Dec, 2014

Your Health During Pest Infestation

Many people have a fear of insects and rodents infesting their space. Most people see them as silent invaders waging a war on an otherwise wonderful home or professional commercial space. However, not as many people know of the health risks and repercussions that come from an insect and rodent infestation. All of this could […]

12 Sep, 2014

To Bag Or Not To Bag?

How to use Nylofume™ bags to protect food and other commodities during fumigations with Vikane™ gas fumigant. Nylofume™ bags are made from a special nylon polymer film. Research has demonstrated that double-bagging, as shown below, achieves optimum protection. All items such as food, feed, drugs, and medicine (including those items in refrigerators and freezers) must […]