roofing and leaksThere are a number of signs that suggest you need a roof repair. When inspecting for termites or other pests leaks or damp spots in the ceiling, curling shingles, mold, structure damage near drain pipes, or flashing pulled away can take hold. Our technician can inspect the damage and help point out wear and tear problem spots and determine the best procedure. We examine gutters, ventilation, flashing, chimneys, vent pipes, drainage, and attic conditions. We can identify leaks, isolate them, and make repairs to prevent bigger, more expensive problems.

All roofing materials do not have the same life expectancy. They can be made from a number of material including asphalt shingles, flat, foam, metal, single ply roofing, as well as tile and slate. The type of material and style of the roof will determine the cost.